Thursday, July 14, 2011

Delicious Raspberry Pie!

Guess what I found happy and ripe in my backyard the other day?! YES beautiful, juicy and delicious raspberries! The first thought that came to my mind when I saw these tasty babies? PIE!! So I picked a bowl full (which took longer than expected because the girls were sneaking berries when I wasn't looking, but who can blame them?!)
My problem with this plan first came when I realized I was out of shortening for my crust. But I quickly remedied that with an easy internet search for butter pie crust. I found a great recipe here and I went to work...a couple hours later this is what I had:
A sunken, droopy doughy pie crust. I held back my tears of frustration. Got out the butter and sugar and the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and started attempt number 2.  My hard work and diligence was rewarded with this:
How could this be??!! Although a little better, by no means worthy of my delicious raspberry filling. It did taste quite good, which made the whole thing all the more maddening.
Why was my crust drooping?
I was now out of butter, completely defeated and still very hungry for raspberry pie. So I stooped below the title of great homemaker (a place where I seem to find myself quite often actually...) and I called my husband and had him pick up a premade pie crust. Desperation drives us to do detestable things. Actually I'm just kidding about that. I think the boughten pie crusts are quite good. I may have saved myself a lot of time and a lot of butter had I just went out and bought the dumb crust in the first place. But no! I've got to try my hand at all that domesticated stuff! Anyways, the pie turned out GREAT! All that I had hoped and more!

Here is the recipe. It's a family friends, tried and true, easy peasy (as long as you aren't me trying to attempt a butter pie crust) sweet and delicious recipe and it's all yours!

Make a 9 inch pie crust and bake. Cool.
2 cup water
1/2 cup white corn syrup
1 (3 oz) box raspberry jello
1 pint raspberries (I double this at least...the more the better!)
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup cornstarch

Combine sugar and cornstarch in a bowl. In a pot cook water, syrup and sugar/cornstarch mixture until thick (will go from white to clear.)
Add jello and let cool.
Mix in berries and pour into shell. Chill. Eat. Enjoy!

Oh, P.S.!! I must not forget to mention that I figured out what I did wrong with my poor, sad crust. It was NOT the recipe FOR SURE!! Just usual. I was baking it in a 350 oven instead of 425. I don't think I had it hot enough and it just kinda slowly melted. So do let me know if you use shortening or butter...or boughten!

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