Monday, July 11, 2011

My Garden Grew!

We were on vacation all last week. SO FUN! Just look at that happy family:) Well, Vivi doesn't look too happy, and Elaine looks like someone socked her in the eye. Nobody did. She has these HORRIBLE styes that get huge and sore and won't go away. By the time we got home she had them in both eyes. I feel so terrible about it. Anyway, we were pretty happy. And I was even happier when I came home to find that my garden had grown! (As opposed to shriveling up and dying which I thought I might probably do...)

Here are my green beans! They are growing up this big 6 foot trellis we made. It's cute how the vines curl up it.
And how about a green pepper? Can't wait to eat that baby!

  Tomatoes, anyone? Well, not quite yet... but I see some fresh, delicious salsa in their future!
This is the embarrassing part. The overgrown herb garden. I keep getting herbs and planting them but I have really NO CLUE what to do with them and they just keep growing bigger and bigger...and bigger. In fact, basil is pretty much taking over my yard. Seriously. I've been inspired by a friend to freeze them. Hmmm, I do like freezing things...
Here's a fun pretty little thing. Actually, it's quite tall (mmm, 5 feet about). It's blossomed these fuzzy pink flowers. I have no idea what it is. Anybody? Anybody? I bought it a couple years ago when it was dinky and the rabbits kept eating it. I guess they had other tastes this year.
My brother and his wife got me this nice little strawberry grower for my birthday. But, as you can see, no strawberries. Maybe I'll stick some flowers in those little cubbies. 
 So, that's my happy garden!

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