Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ric Rac and All That!

I found this AdOrAbLe ric rac flower tutorial on Jess's blog: Craftiness is not an Option (you really MUST check it out!) and had to give it a try! I think it's so sweet and it looks cute on a headband or just as a plain clippie. I didn't do a tutorial for this because Jess's tutorial is perfect. Check it out here

I did one little thing differently. I sewed the ric rac on felt,  but I used fabric as the backing to hold the clip. I thought that another layer of felt made the flower too thick. I see the fabric is starting to fray a little so this could be a problem. I'll let you know if I come up with some other brilliant plan. You should let me know as well...

 And how about mad props for the gorgeous model? I had to distract her with food to get her to sit still and leave the thing on for 10 seconds so not the best pic but you get the idea!

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