Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super Sweet Deals

I love, love, love a great deal. Whether I'm going into Target for one birthday card or an entire cart load of groceries, I cannot leave without quickly scanning the clearance stuff. My husband really hates this. He also hates that we live so close to Target - it's faster to walk from our house than to drive (a fact I much appreciate however;). I don't think of myself as an impulse shopper though. I have in the back of my mind a list of things I would really like...for our house, the kids, myself. So when I see a great deal I mentally skim through the list in my head and if the item is there I buy it! (If it's not there, but it's a good deal I will often buy it anyways and put it in my 'gifts' box. It's justified...) So I decided I would share my good deals with you. I need somebody to be excited with me! And let me know what you find while skimming the clearance rack:)

I have wanted for the longest time some cute summery plates to use during the few months of warm weather we get up north so when I saw these bright flowery plates were half off ($1.50) I decided now was the time! I bought 6 of them. 3 of each. I also bought some smaller salad plates that were only 74 cents!  The pictures were a super good deal, too. I paid $4.48 for the big one and $2.98 for the smaller ones. The only unfortunate thing about this particular trip was that I had pulled my girls to the store in their wagon so bringing all this home (along with a jug of milk) was a little tricky... but worth it!

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